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Suggested Guitar Pedals – Eric Hufschmid

To wrap up our “Where to start rebuilding your pedalboard” saga I have decided to give you guys some suggestions of pedals and companies to check out! Now none of these pedal manufacturers… unfortunately… have given me free gear or endorse me so these are purely just pedals I have used or own and enjoy. Now remember these pedals are used with my amp, my guitars, my playing style so they may not be the best choice for you!!! So no hate mail please 😉 But I would love some suggestions for some more pedals so comment below!

So here we go….
Here are some of of my favorite pedal companies and ones that are listed below in no particular order:
Strymon, JHS, Compulsive Audio, Walrus Audio, Wampler, Pedal Projects, Voodoo Labs, Earthquaker Devices, Carl Martin, Neunaber, Xotic Effects, Electro Harmonix, Zvex, Mad Professor, T-Rex, Diamond, Fultone, Mr. Black, One Control and more!


  • KORG Pitch Black Tuner: This is the tuner that I currently am using on all of my pedalboards. It is extremely accurate especially in strobe tuning mode and it is the easiest tuner to read.
  • TC Electronic Polytune: This tuner is really neat because you can strum your guitar and see which string is out of tune immediately! Super cool pedal with also the option of the Polytune Mini which can save you a ton of space on your board.

*There are certain things I do not like about the Boss TU-2 as well as the Planet Waves PW-CT so that is why I did not list them. There are certain quality control issues with both of them that I feel make them NOT a good choice.
Fuzz Pedals

  • Wampler Velvet Fuzz: Super cool pedal with a really sweet and smooth sound hence the name Velvet. Really worth checking this one out!
  • Compulsive Audio Face Off Fuzz: This is a great true bypass and updated clone of the iconic Fuzz Face. There are a ton of options like vintage chips or colors your can choose from . John uses the best possible components and will also cater to your specs! DEFINITELY need to check out his fuzz pedals!
  • JHS Mini Foot Fuzz: Very cool super small fuzz that just sounds plain fantastic! One of my favorites.
  • Walrus Audio Jupiter Fuzz: Woah!!! You just have to check it out!
  • Walrus Audio Janus Fuzz which has fuzz and tremolo. There is no other pedal on the market like it!

Wah Pedals

  • Dunlop 535Q Wah: I own and love this wah! A ton of options with various EQ knobs and settings.
  • Standard VOX Wah: This is probably the best “stock no frills” wah available. I personally prefer the VOX wahs over the standard Dunlop Wahs.
  • Fulltone Clyde Wah: Super customizable and super clean sounding.
  • Xotic Effects Wah: This is brand new and I have not tried it.. but Xotic effects always put out amazing stuff! Plus it’s got a smaller footprint than most wahs out there.
  • T-Rex Gull Wah: Very unique wah that does not use pulley chains to make it work. Super cool looking, some great wah options and easy to use. Some really innovative stuff in this pedal! You really should check this one out!

Octave Pedals

  • Electro Harmonix POG 2: More compact than the original POG pedals, this has some really crazy sounds in it! Tons of options and tons of presets to choose from. Definitely the leader in Octave pedals if you have the room and the cash.
  • Electro Harmonix: Micro POG: Another great pedal by the EHX guys. It is a super stripped down version of the POG 2. This is really all you need unless you doing some super crazy octave things.
  • EHX C9: I personally have not used this but have seen a ton of videos. This can give you a TON of awesome “organ sounds” and neat octave things. Check this out!
  • Earthquaker Devices Pitch Bay: This pedal rides the rail of being a harmonizer or just an octave pedal. Some really great sounds to this one! Also check out the Organizer by Earthquaker.

Compressor Pedal

  • Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor: This is by far the best Compressor I have owned. It just sounds great and has the really cool feature of coming with a blend knob to help you shape your tone.
  • Wampler Ego Compressor: Another fantastic Compressor with a blend knob. I am definitely sold on this blend knob thing especially for “non country” music. The blend just makes it really diverse and customizable.

Boost Pedals:

  • Compulsive Audio Heavenly Boost: By far my favorite Boost pedal. It does color your tone a bit but in a really great way. It adds a really warm feel to your signal. I basically will leave this on 100% of the time.
  • Xotic Effects EP Booster: Xotic effects can’t make a bad pedal. And this is one of the really great ones.
  • Walrus Audio Plainsman Boost: I have not personally tried this but the demos look great and everything from Walrus Audio is awesome!


  • JHS Morning Glory: Light really sparkly overdrive. Great for clear and clean bluesy tones.
  • Compulsive Audio Texas Hold ‘Em: Very neat overdrive with a warm sound and pairs well with any guitar.
  • Wampler Paisley Drive: Very light overdrive with some very natural overdrive. Worth checking out!
  • Petty John Pre Drive Pedal: Really really great sounding transparent overdrive. It’s a great boutique overdrive/boost for those boutique collectors but it has a pretty monstrous price tag!
  • Xotic Effects AC Boost & RC Booster: Xotic Effects makes some really great pedals. Both of these are worth checking out along with some of their combo pedals! Some of the best pedals I’ve heard.
  • Pedal Projects Owly: This is probably the most transparent overdrive I have used. I own the Growly pedal by Pedal Projects which has a boost also in it. I LOVE this pedal! This is definitely one on top of my list!

*Some of you may have noticed that I do not have a Tube Screamer on the list above. There are so many clones of tube screamers out there that I feel the Ibanez models are not the best choice. They mislead consumers that they have the same “magic” that the old ones do but in fact they use totally different components than the originals.
Distortion Pedals

  • Walrus Audio Iron Horse: Super heavy almost fuzz sounding distortion. This one is not for the faint of heart. Really out there but great!
  • Zvex Box of Rock: Really nice Marshall type distortion. This also has a built in boost which makes it very versatile. It’s built well and just a great sounding pedal!
  • Wampler Plexi Drive: Great multi stage distortion. Has that Marshall Plexi tone. Very heavy!
  • JHS Charlie Brown: If you looking for that fat “brown sound” then this is your pedal!
  • JHS Moonshine: This is another fantastic pedal with some great grit!

Chorus/Vibrato Pedals

  • Electro Harmonix Small Clone: This is a classic! Very natural warm sounding analog Chorus. I am not a big chorus guy but this is one of the simplest and best sounding choruses I’ve heard. This has been heard on many of the Nirvana records as well as some other classic bands. Plus it’s really affordable!
  • Fultone Deja Vibe: Great Vibrato and chorus pedal.
  • Drybell Vibe Machine: This one seems hard to get but for the small tone print, this pedal really sounds great!
  • Chasebliss Audio Warped Vinyl Vibrato/Chorus: This is now on the top shelf for boutique pedal enthusiasts. I have to say that this pedal is really phenomenal. Check it out!

Phaser Pedals: 

  • MXR EVH Phase 90: This is a staple of many people’s pedalboards. Great sounding crazy phaser along with a really cool look!
  • Empress Effects Phaser: Great sounding phaser.
  • Mr. Black Gilamondo Phaser: Really subtle but sweet phaser.
  • Chasebliss Wombtone Phaser: Really neat boutique phaser with a ton of tones in a small footprint.


  • EVH Flanger: Another staple for most pedalboards. Great sound and great look!
  • Mr. Black Tunnelworm Zero Flanger: Sweet phaser that can be very subltle.
  • Mad Professor Tiny Orange Phaser: Cool, compact, and fantastic tone.

Tremolo Pedals:

  • Wampler Latitude Deluxe Tremolo: This is the “new” hot tremolo that is out. I’ve seen quite a few demos of this and it looks amazing!
  • Fultone Supa-Trem: This is one I have not used but I see it EVERYWHERE!
  • JHS Honey Comb Trem: Again I have not used this but JHS is great and the demos look great!
  • Dawner Prince Starla Tremolo: Very cool obscure boutique tremolo.
  • Empress Effects Tremolo 2: Empress makes some really high end stuff and this is no exception. Check this out!
  • Strymon Flint: This is one that is on my radar. Simply fantastic! It has tremolo and various reverbs to choose from ! Very very cool!


  • Strymon Lex: This is a really fantastic sounding Rotary/Leslie style pedal. Super clear and high quality.
  • Option 5 Destination Rotation: Really fantastic pedal as well!
  • Neo Instruments Mini Vent: This one has quite the price tag but is really high quality and some of the best rotary sounds I have ever heard. Check out the demos!

Volume Pedals

  • JHS Modded Ernie Ball VP Jr.: This pedal looks cool with it’s Green glow inside the pedal, has a built in little black buffer and is very smooth. It has a great footprint too. DO NOT BUY A NON MODDED ERNIE BALL VP JR. You’ve been warned!
  • Goodrich Volume Pedal: I do not own a Goodrich volume but have used one. It has a really great feel to it and sounds super clean. Only cons are it is big, does not have a tuner out, and is expensive. But definitely a pro pedal!


  • Strymon Timeline: Easily the best delay on the market. It has a ton of phenomenal sounds and is full of options. You NEED to check this pedal out but… you will have to spend over $400 for it. It’s a serious commitment but it is also a serious pedal.
  • TC Electronic Nova Delay: This is one of the most versatile, best sounding and compact delay pedals I have owned. It’s got great noiseless and smooth footswitches and fairly easy to edit. Check it out!
  • JHS Panther Cub: This is a really awesome analog delay with most of the options a digital pedal has. Really fantastic pedal and on my list of ones to buy!!!
  • Strymon El Capistan: Great compact pedal with tap tempo. Although smaller than it’s big brother the Timeline, it sounds great and is a great delay that won’t break the bank!
  • MXR Carbon Copy Delay: This is one of the best sounding analog delays out there. Super smooth and lush sounding. It does not have a tap tempo but you will use this more of a background delay or to add to ambient sounds.


  • Strymon Big Sky: This is THE reverb pedal that everyone is going after. Now it is huge and a billion dollars but… if you are a reverb nut… this IS THE ONLY PEDAL FOR YOU!
  • Strymon Blue Sky: This is a smaller version of the Big Sky. This can definitely be a huge staple to your rig! Great reverbs and beautiful shimmer sound. It’s a fairly reasonable size and has 2 reverbs you can switch back and forth. Really cool blue color too 😉
  • Sky Pedals Cloud 9 Reverb: Really smooth boutique reverb. Really nice.
  • Walrus Audio Descent: This pedal is awesome! I just got it myself. Really great sounding reverbs with 3 presets you can easily program. What I love is that for the shimmer sounds, you can add in an upper and lower octave and control the volume of each! Fantastic pedal with some really cool looking graphics on it.
  • Neunaber Seraphim (WET) Reverb: The most popular Neunaber reverb is the Wet reverb. It is one of the best reverbs I have heard in a small package. But… the new Seraphim reverb has a great angelic shimmer sound added to it as well as a second preset that allows you to access the Wet Reverb pedal. So this is the best of both worlds and perfect for a smaller pedalboard. I am definitely going to purchase this for my small pedalboard.

Buffer Pedals

  • JHS Little Black Buffer: Small thin buffer that can fit anywhere! Works great!
  • Compulsive Audio Line Chauffeur: You can do a straight buffer that is on all the time or John can make you one with a bypass incase the buffer doesn’t play well with a fuzz or wah you have. Very inexpensive and he uses the best parts that are out there and doesn’t skimp on anything!
  • Pedal Projects Bufferlo: I’ve never used this one but it is one of the smallest buffers I have seen and it is super cool looking with a buffalo on it. If you short on space this is a great choice and it’s super cheap too!
  • Wampler Decibel: This is a newer pedal that is a buffer but also a boost. I have not tried it but it does have me interested.

Loop Switches

  • Compulsive Audio Loop Switch: Great custom loop system. John the owner will build you almost any configuration that you can dream of.
  • Carl Martin Octa Switch: Super easy loop switch with 8 loops. Cool looking but a little big.
  • Walrus Audio Transit: They have multiple versions of this switch. They all are high quality and look super cool!
  • One Control Crocodile Tail Loop: I personally own and use this. This is the best loop switch on the market. Has 10 loops you can use as well as the option to digitally make banks for various songs. More than you’ll ever need! It is expensive but is really worth it. Super easy to use and has an optional built in buffer. My top choice!

Well… I think that is enough for now 🙂 I can go on for 20 pages on great pedals that are out there but this is just to get you thinking and maybe looking at some other options that are out there! Now you may have noticed that there really aren’t any “standard” pedal brands on here like Boss, Digitech or Line 6. Now there is nothing wrong with these pedals. I actually own a few of these myself but I am trying to push myself past the standard mass produced pedals and go into more of the boutique realm. The fact of the matter is as long as you like the tone of a pedal… just get it! But make sure you do your research if it is the best option, if it’s using the best parts or

if it’s sucking your tone.

Please share with everyone else what are some of your favorites or ones I have not listed! As always happy exploring and we’ll see you next time!


eric-hufschmidEric Hufschmid

Where To Start Rebuilding Your Pedalboard – Eric Hufschmid

So if you’re like me… you are probably NEVER happy with your pedalboard and your tone! I am always swapping pedals, cables, big boards, small boards… lions and tigers and bears oh my! You can really get crazy with all this stuff which is totally fine but… there is a strategic way to start rebuilding your pedalboard. So… take a look at some of the ideas below… start researching… start testing… and enjoy the journey through the never ending rabbit hole of tone!

*DISCLAIMER: All of the suggestions below are assuming that you are happy with your guitar and amp setup. All the pedals in the world aren’t going to improve your sound if you have a junky guitar and horrible amp. Now you don’t need a $3000 boutique amp and $5000 Les Paul Custom… just a guitar that feels and sounds good and a basic tube amp. You do want to work your way up to having a really great amp and a guitar that fits your style… but these are usually the most expensive parts of your rig so It’s ok to revisit this when you have some extra cash to invest.

1. Boost/Transparent Overdrive: When revamping your tone you need to start at the foundation. Start with a tone you are happy with on your amp then I recommend getting a boost or transparent overdrive to help enhance your sound. This could be something subtle like a boost that is just fattens up your sound or a transparent overdrive to give you a little bit of grit in your clean tone. This can really help thin sounding rigs as well as give you some more dynamic range to your tone. I prefer having a little bit of tube breakup in my clean tone but your tone needs to match your style so experiment a bit.

2. 1st Stage Overdrive: After you have a good foundation, you want to make sure you have a good 1st Stage Overdrive to give you a little crunch. Nothing crazy just enough to push the tubes in your amp a little bit to fatten up your sound. Make sure this pedal compliments your previous tones. There is nothing worse than hearing someone step on a pedal and they go from a clean sound to a Metallica distortion in the middle of a song. The key is subtle changes in each stage. Another thing I should explain is that I like to “stack” the sounds of my boost, overdrive, distortions etc on each other to get more of a natural sound and smoother transition between tones. In my opinion it is the best way to get a great

guitar tone.

3. 2nd Stage Overdrive/Distortion/Fuzz: You can use this stage for anything heavy to even some solos depending on how you have your pedals set. I prefer using mostly overdrive pedals instead of Distortions or Fuzzes but it just depends on your taste. Again you need to try a bunch of pedals and do some research. Even having multiple pedals for different songs can be great! Some guys love using fuzz pedals for a heavy chorus or a full on distortion buy viagra process for a lead line. Find what fits YOUR STYLE the best.

*Now I personally will go a little further and have like 4 or 5 gain stages in my setup so that I have more options. It depends what type of music you are playing and what you like but remember if you have 2 gain stages or 10… make sure each stage complements the previous stage so that you can stack the pedals successfully.

4. Delay Pedals: Now in most modern music ESPECIALLY in worship music it is super important to have a really great delay or multiple delays on your board. Having a great tap tempo digital delay is important for those “U2” type tones. Digital delays are basically an exact copy of the previous note that you played so this can give you great rhythmic patterns and almost sound like multiple guitars. A good analog delay is important for those ambient washy sounds or even just to fatten up some picking patterns. Analog delays are different than digital in the fact that the “copy” of the notes degrade over time. You can get some neat modulating sounds and warbly effects while using this. An analog delay generally has more of a washy sound but can be really useful. There are a ton of great delay pedals out there that have multiple delays on them so I’d definitely invest in a great delay pedal. Unfortunately delay pedals are pretty pricy so build up the previous pedals first, then plunge into this one!

5. Volume Pedal: Now many people are surprised that this is the next pedal I’d recommend but in most modern worship music songs, we’ll need some ambient sounds as well as accurate volume swells. This is also great to kill the signal when you are not playing! Another benefit of a volume pedal is that most volume pedals have a tuner out so you can take the tuner “out of the chain” of pedals and clean up your tone a little bit more.

6. Reverb Pedal: Now most amps have built in reverb but we aren’t shooting for just a “normal reverb” sound. We are using the reverb in order to add an ambient sound to your tone while picking clean stuff, during volume swells and ambient times. I personally like to always have a delay or reverb on 100% of the time but if another guitarist is using a delay, using a reverb can still add to your sound without clashing with the other guitarist. There are so many things you can do with reverb pedals so get one and start exploring the sounds that you can get!

SoI hope this helped you out a bit. There are more things we will need to cover but this will give you a start to get rocking! Stay tuned for Part 2 of the “Where to start revamping your pedalboard” series. We will be talking about, wah pedals, compressors, modulation pedals, buffers and more! Remember as always… if you have any questions please let us know! Or if you have any suggestions for some great pedals, post them below and we will do some reviews for you guys!


eric-hufschmidEric Hufschmid

5 Ways To “BE” There For Your Worship Leader- Eric Hufschmid

Being a part of a worship team is one of the greatest blessings you have in your life. It is an incredible honor to be able to serve your church in this way so we need to be very serious on how we honor not only God and our church, but our worship leaders as well. I have a unique view of a worship leader’s position because some weeks I am the leader and some weeks I am a musician working under the direction of another worship leader. So as an experienced musician on both sides of this dynamic, I want to point out 5 things that we can do to “BE” there for our worship leaders every week.

One of the easiest things you can do as a worship team member is to just be on time! You wouldn’t believe how much stress it causes in a worship leader’s mind when a team member is late. We usually don’t show it but the stress of starting on time, having enough time to go through all the songs, worried if the other members waiting are upset, and even if you are going to show up at all can seriously effect a worship leaders focus while leading the team! So really try to be a few minutes early, setup and ready to go by the call time. If you are running late, let your worship leader know ahead of time. It stinks having a 7am call time and then at 7:05am a drummer calls and said they’ll be a few minutes late. As soon as you think you’re gonna be late, throw a txt out with and estimated time and even though you’re late… it will at least elevate some stress for your leader.

As a worship team member it is our responsibility to be prepared for Sundays as well as practice. We can’t loose sight of what a great privilege it is to be called to leading worship as well as us doing our very best to honor God with our talents. If we are not prepared or have not practiced on our own how can we say that we are being a good steward of our talents and the responsibility that we have been given? Even if one person is not prepared during a practice or service, it really does throw the whole team off. When you sign on to be a part of the worship team, you are signing on to be at service, to be practice and you are promising that you will be prepared and ready to go for that week.

We are here to serve our church, our leaders and to give ALL the glory to God. So for a musician comes in and thinks he/she is the cats pajamas… is not cool. I’d rather have a humble good musician on my team than a phenomenal musician that thinks he is God’s gift to the stage. We are there as a part of a team and to help build each other up so if you are a gifted musician that is awesome… impart some of that wisdom, skill and encouragement on to the other team members! Help your worship leader help those on the team that need some direction! The saying goes… “we are only as strong as our weakest link” so help strengthen the chain.

If you are a musician and you only show up when you have to play, you are missing out on such an incredible blessing to be a part of the body of Christ moving and alive in the church! There is a huge difference when trying to lead a congregation of strangers than leading a congregation of friends and family. Go to meetings, events, outreaches and whatever you can to be a part of your church. Invest your time in your church and it’s people. In order to lead the people in your church, it helps to know who they are and to rub elbows with them as you are serving your church.

This is probably the hardest one on the list… make sure you are ALWAYS supportive to your worship leader. Even though our worship leaders are great people and they are there to serve God… they are still human. So they are going to make mistakes, make decisions that you may not agree with or understand, or sometimes get stressed out and say something they shouldn’t. As worshippers God has called us to submit to our authorities but also to give them the benefit of the doubt and continually support and pray for them. There have been times I haven’t agreed with my worship leader but in supporting them, sometimes their hearts have changed… most times… my heart changed. So be there for your worship leader, communicate with them if you have some concerns, and even when you don’t think that they are right… honor them with how you respond.

So you can make your worship leader’s day if you start following these tips and hopefully your example will rub off on the other members too! You could totally change your church’s worship ministry by living by these guidelines.


eric-hufschmidEric Hufschmid


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5 Reasons We Hosted a Song Writing Retreat

For the past three days our worship leaders have been offsite at a secluded lake house with the sole purpose of writing new music for 2015. We are calling it our Song Writing Retreat. It has been so great for us to set time apart from our busy schedules to do this. Here are a few reasons why.

1 – a change of pace + change of pace = a change in perspective. this trip has enabled us to get away from our daily routines, clear our minds, and focus.

2 – stewardship. we want to be the best steward of the gifts that God has given us to edify the Church and bring glory to His Name. being at the lake house has greatly helped us focus to be the best stewards we can possibly be.

3 – jump the gap. there are so many responsibilities and logistics that need to be managed during our weekly schedules. this makes it hard at times to “jump the gap” and get creative on projects outside of our weekly routines. putting in the extra effort for this retreat has allowed us to “jump the gap” to capitalize on creativity and production.

4 – get in the weeds. ideas are great but without implementation they just remain fleeting thoughts. sometimes its hard to find time to “get in the weeds” on projects to see them to completion. this retreat enabled us to “get in the weeds” and finish the songs that have been stirring in our hearts for weeks, months, years.

5 – prayer. at times our prayer lives are reduced to the amount of time we have in our daily commutes. this retreat has allowed us to stop time and tune into what God is speaking to us about ourselves, our family, and our church.

*During our retreat we were able to finish 4 new songs with completed demos, one brand new completed song, and 4 more songs in the works.




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